Did you know that 4X as many consumers prefer to watch videos about a brand than read about it? True story...
Also, did you know that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text?
We boast a massive amount of experience and kit to enable us to get your ideas to film that will produce epic visual and audio impact on your audience!
We shoot 4K cinematic but that’s only the start as we haven’t forgotten about the importance of great sound, so this is why we have invested heavily in our audio capabilities from precision recording using the renowned Røde NTG 3 & 8 to TF-5 microphones and also the NT-SF1 ambisonic creating true 7.1.4 surround sound.
To finish this off we built a dedicated editing suite catering for both visual and audio along with the ability for sound design, voiceovers and narration.
'Alice' ...
eyecon PHOTOGRAPHY & PRODUCTION was delighted to support S5 & S6 pupils from Dunoon Grammar School in supplying cameras and guiding the pupils in making their production for the Gaelic short film competition run by FILM-G.

The Wild West
Filmed on location on Islay's wild Atlantic coast during August 2016 between the Rhinns and Claddach.

Dunoon II Trailer (SCOPE)
Filmed in the Clydeside town of Dunoon in the West of Scotland.

Therapy Photography Trailer 1 SCOPE