Artist Showreels

We are very excited to announce that eyecon PHOTOGRAPHY & PRODUCTION will be offering 'showreels' service to artists commencing Spring 2020
Showreels are massively important to an artist's portfolio and vital for auditions but so quality, direction and capture of this piece that could be the difference between getting selected or not.

We pride ourselves at eyecon being artists and that is why it is crucial that this has to be captured to the highest standards of quality in both filming and sound recording.
Your 'showreel' location will be discussed and agreed along with storyline/s and script/s and on the day of the shoot your 'showreel' will be captured not on a DSLR rig, but our Arri digital cinema camera at 4K Apple ProRes 4:4:4:4 that delivers incredible color depth with razor sharpness.
The sound recording is of massive importance also and that's why we record external up to 8 channel* 24Bit 44.1 kHz with a choice of our Zoom F8 and R-16 units... Back in the editing suite, it will all start with editing and color grading using the industry standard DaVinci's Resolve and the sound perfectly synced using timecode synchronization.

We also own at our disposal a full Tiffen Steadicam system and 12' camera crane.

We like to get things right and that is why we normally encourage a timeline of 14 days from agreeing on a 'showreel' shoot to final handover.
We can offer a full storyline and script service* Along with makeup artist and stylist at an additional cost if needed.

Prices start at £199.00 for our showreels and filming normally will take 5-6 hours depending on the actor's experience, ability, and takes needed based on a single 'showreel', but we know the importance of getting this right.

We have also decided to offer a UK exclusive service to our 'showreels' and that is 16mm cinematic

We are proud owners of a PAILLARD BOLEX - H16 EL - 16 mm motion picture camera and lenses and being film trained, professionals can also offer 'showreels' in true 16mm cinematic film with digital external sound recording...
This is an extremely specialist service that will require a 50% deposit and an agreed extended timeline of 10 weeks minimum due to the nature of relying on an external pro lab.
An example of a 16mm 500Ft core shot at 24FPS will give 13min 53sec recording (not including outtakes, bloopers, etc)
Filmstock, processing and digitisation starts at £1,099 + additional shoot and editing costs.

We shoot exclusively on KODAK Vision3 for color and KODAK Vision3 Tri-X for black and white (mono) and use a trusted LONDON based motion picture pro lab for processing and digitisation.