An example of a badly damaged image that was scanned using our EPSON V850 with Digital ICE and then rebuild in Adobe Photoshop.


Photo restoration can be anything from scanning them dusty old negatives that you found in the attic to a full image rebuild in Photoshop from a bent, torn image from WW1.

We also offer image recovery from all media including hard drives, camera media cards and CD's.
We use advanced image recovery software close to that witch is used in digital forensics to recover lost, corrupted or deleted images along with professional a chemical polisher that will 'T-Cut' out most scratches from compact discs!
If the media is not possible to rescue then there is no charge to the customer other than postage and packing.
All recovered images are copied to memory stick with no changes to file type or size and will be returned to you along with the unit they were stored on unchanged unless you ask us to format the device normally 'Ex-Fat'
(excluding compact discs).